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Simply Sound & Lighting uses Sennheiser, Audix and Shure microphones to bring your performance to life.  Vocals or instrument, Simply Sound & Lighting has a microphone to suite your needs.

Simply Sound & Lighting also carries wireless microphones by Audio-Technica.  The 3000 series is available in handheld or beltpack / lavalier versions.

The heart of the audio system is the console.  Simply Sound & Lighting uses Allen & Heath, Mackie and Soundcraft consoles for precision control with ease of use.

Simply Sound & Lighting's most basic system includes a pair of EV Sx300's on a stand.  Alone or used in conjunction with a sub woofer make for an impressive yet simple to use audio system.  Of course should you not need the power of the Sx300 Simply Sound & Lighting also carries the smaller yet equally impressive Sx100.  For larger rooms or more volume / coverage Simply Sound & Lighting is pleased to offer multiple Sx300.  Add either a EV Sb120 or B52 ACT-18 sub woofer for some serious low end excitement.

Larger venues require more coverage & Simply Sound & Lighting can configure an array made up of multiples of the Sx100 or Sx300

Simply Sound & Lighting now carries B-52 subwoofers.  These subs feature 18" drivers with 1000 watts of continuous power ratings.  Serious bass requires serious subwoofers.

Be sure to ask about our new intelligent lighting systems.  DMX color mixers, moving head fixtures, dimmer packs and lighting control consoles.

Oooh, look at all the pretty buttons.  Sorry, but someone had to say it...

Introducing our Backyard Theater packages.  Everything you need for a night out at the movies.

Never let it be said we don't know how to have fun...  Some free standing dinosaurs for a haunted halloween

Simply Sound & Lighting is excited to introduce our new logo.

Heritage Congregational Church in Berea, OH installed a new audio system complete with Allen & Heath 32 channel console, custom A-Line Acoustic line arrays.

Along with a new 32 channel Allen & Heath audio console Heritage Congregational Church installed a custom desk, Tascam CD player, Audio Technica wireless microphones and a Whirlwind Digital Snake system.  Hidden beneath the console is a B-52 18" subwoofer package

Some of our clients request production support.  St. Christine's Church, Euclid, OH celebrates Christmas with a multi-church Christmas concert.  Simply Sound & Lighting has bee proud to provide support for 4 years.

Production support includes audio mixing console with process equipment and DMX lighting control.

Electro Voice Sx300 hi pack's with B-52 ACT-18 sub woofers provide all the FOH this church could use.

Along with FOH systems SSL provided much needed monitor support and microphones by Audix