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Simply Sound & Lighting now has video:

Backyard Theater:

Simply Sound & Lighting is pleased to introduce it's backyard theater package. 

Everything you need for a night out under the stars.

A 8'x6' screen, 5000 lumen video projector, DVD/BluRay player, audio mixer, amplifier and speakers.

All packaged and ready to plug-n-play.  The entire package will fit in the back seat of your car.

Nightly rental $390

Big Backyard Theaters:

10'x6' not big enough for you?  Our 20'x12' screen and audio package will simply blow you away.  Big screen + big audio = huge success.

Our premium theater package includes our custom 20'x12' screen, 4000 lumen video projector, DVD player, audio mixer, multiple amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers for the ultimate night out.

Ideal for schools, churches, fundraisers, city recreational departments or those seeking the biggest experience available.

Nightly rental $850 (includes delivery*, set-up, and operation)

* delivery limited to 50 mile travel from offices in Euclid, OH